Art Journal Your Year
Ritual: an act or a series of acts regularly repeated.

Would you like more intention, thoughtfulness, awareness in your year? Does how fast 2017 flew by scare you? Do you want to make 2018 the year you focused in on your art, acknowledged and incorporated what was happening around you and to you, the year you were intentional and grounded in time? Do you want to look back at 2018 and say, “I was thoughtful and purposeful in my days and my art?” 

Our newest course, Rituals by Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, will help you do just that. This year long journey of turning to your art journal each month and planning, then reflecting on your time will give you the opportunity to be creative and purposeful all year long. 

Every month the course will explore a theme directly related to that month’s season or calendar events. The themes were chosen from the solar and lunar calendars, religious, cultural festivals and pagan notions of the wheel of the year. Each month you will be lead through an art technique and/or medium that will help you meditate on the theme and to immerse yourself in this place and time to help you slow down the ticking calendar pages.  

What’s Included

January: New
February: Love
March: Balance
April: Fertility
May: Rebirth
June: Nourish
July: Spirit
August: Harvest
September: Renewal
October: Heritage
November: Gratitude
December: Closure

*one additional introductory lesson where you set your intentions for the year

-year-long workshop
-one theme per month to focus on in your art journal
-themes are based on the the festivals celebrated that month
-one technique or medium tutorial per month
-two art journal spread tutorials per month
-one spread explores the solar aspects of the theme (light, positive)
-one spread explores the lunar aspects of the theme (shadows, challenges)
-unlimited access to the private classroom forever
-email reminders when new lessons are live each month
At the end of 2018 you will have:

-one completed Rituals art journal
with 24 spreads, two for each month
-plus two bonus spreads which are the Wheel of the Year introductory lesson
-explored new techniques and mediums
-been intentional in your work and art
documented your year
-created connections with like-minded artists

-a private Facebook group for community and sharing of work done in the class
-access to the teacher for the whole year
-a supportive community and the chance to grow your art journaling practice


Rituals is already shifting my world! ( in a beautiful way)” -Emily

“Thanks Vanessa for a great start to January, it’s really made me focus and try new skills that I wouldn’t normally have attempted...yeah and another 11 to go!!” -Gill

“My January Solar Page! Wow… what an amazing experience!!!! New. Come on in. What I am inviting into my Life.” -Cindy

Student Art

Here’s just some of the wonderful art that students have produced in this class.
Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd
Vanessa is an archaeologist and an artist. More and more, she has come to see her art journaling practice as a ritual. The Rituals class came out of a need for her to be more intentional in her art and more present in her art journal. Rituals is a year long project, a chance to set aside time to immerse ourselves into art journaling and to grow our practice while being grounded in the passage of time.

Get Messy and Art Feeds

We believe art heals. With every purchase you make through Get Messy, we give 10% to Art Feeds. Art Feeds provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organisations. 


What format do I receive the class in?
Upon purchase, you will be redirected to create a login for the private site. You can choose your own username and password. If you already have a login for this site, please use that so all of your content is accessible to you under one username.
Do I have to start on a specific date?
No, this is a self-paced class. You start when you are ready and work according to your own rhythm. But we suggest marking a day in your calendar each month to work on the lessons so you stay current, but you have lifetime access and can return to any lessons you missed.
What do I need for this class?
Each lesson or technique will recommend supplies, but generally the most important part of this class is to be intentional in your art journal each month. Using the supplies you currently have is all you need to get started.
Can I share my work and what I learn in the class?
Yes! Please share your work and your responses to the class on your social media sites of choice! We love Instagram, so share your pages using the course hashtag #gmrituals and you may see your work shared on the Get Messy account. However, please do not share text or photos directly from the course.
Can I contact the teacher if I have questions?
You will be invited to the private Facebook group where you will have access for the year to Vanessa + all the other incredible students!
Class access does not expire and is not linked to your Get Messy membership.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of our content, we do not offer refunds.