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Projecting your life through a broad range of eclectic materials in a meaningful and purposeful way.

In this class you will learn how to repurpose bits and pieces you have collected and put them to beautiful use in your art journal. You will start by creating a simple no-sew art journal in a junk journal style. In each lesson you will experiment with creating pages with items that you have collected and repurposed from your real world, which means you will immediately be taking away the fear of a blank page or canvas and instead, learning to use and work with the layers of meaning already built into your pieces and pages.

In addition to learning this simple book making technique, you will begin filling out your journal and the course will touch on more ways to use pieces from your real life and other eclectic resources in your work. You will find that your pages project extra layers of meaning through symbolism and interaction that will give your pages more depth and connection.

This class is perfect for anyone who enjoys creating pages based on elements of their own reality, or anyone who struggles with allowing themselves to let go of perfection.

This class will help you to embrace and enjoy imperfection, your journal will exude character and individuality as you learn to think a bit more like a junk journaler – becoming more mindful and creative with what is available around you in your real life, and how to incorporate these unique pieces into your art.

Lesson Plan

What’s Included


7 lessons teaching you the best supplies, how to make your own journal without stitching, art journal page techniques, content suggestions and more


11 videos that teach you, in depth, how to create your journal & complete art journal spreads using pieces from your life


Tutorials, challenges and guidance that will walk you through completing an entire art journal


Tips, tutorials and ideas to make your junk journals personal, meaningful and beautiful. Action steps to help you begin practicing what you are learning right away


3 Printable worksheets and 2 printable ephemera pages to help you work through the techniques taught


Access to the course teacher, community support and inspiration through the course hashtag #gmpieces

Student Art

Here’s just some of the wonderful art that students have produced in this class.

Johanna Clough


Johanna is a young mother and youtuber who is passionate about documenting life for herself and her family. A complete homebody, making and using junk journals is her main thing, but she also dabbles in some art journalling and scrapbooking- and evidently has a habit of blurring the lines between each, always including her eclectic style to achieve similar results.

Get Messy and Art Feeds

We believe art heals. With every purchase you make through Get Messy, we give 10% to Art Feeds. Art Feeds provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organisations. 


What format do I receive the class in?
Upon purchase, you will be redirected to create a login for the private site. You can choose your own username and password. If you already have a login for this site, please use that so all of your content is accessible to you under one username.

The class will be available through this private site, along with a workbook in PDF format for you to download and print.

Do I have to start on a specific date?
No, this is a self-paced class. You start when you are ready and work according to your own rhythm.
What do I need for this class?
This class is all about using bits and pieces of ‘junk’ from your real life, so mostly you will be able to use things you already have lying around! You will also need a wet adhesive, scissors/ruler/paper trimmer, some card stock, fabric and other journaling/art supplies of your own personal choice! A full list of supplies is provided within the course, but we encourage you to work with what you have before buying new materials.
Can I share my work and what I learn in the class?
Yes! Please share your work and your responses to the class on your social media sites of choice! We love Instagram, so share your pages using the course hashtag #gmpieces and you may see your work shared on the Get Messy account. However, please do not share text or photos directly from the course.
Class access does not expire and is not linked to your Get Messy membership.
Can I contact the teacher if I have questions?
You may contact the author for 6 months from launch directly via email. We recommend tagging @johannaclough on Instagram when you share your work from the class so she can see.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of our content, we do not offer refunds.