Pen + Ink

Grown up art with your favourite childhood supplies

Pen & Ink is a course that is all about 3 simple tools: water, pens and inks. The course teaches you over 40 techniques using these 3 tools that are so versatile and unpredictable that you are guaranteed create unique and fun pages every time you splash a drop of water onto your pages. But, you have been warned: these techniques are not for the perfectionist inside of you. They are for the child and the wild, loud, rampaging artist inside of you who desires nothing more than to sling, splatter, pour, throw and fling paint into this world. If you are ready to let that child out, follow your teacher, Jules, into the amazing world of pen and inks and she will show you beauty in the unpredictable and the free flowing. Her style is loud, bold, fun and bright and will make you cry out in joy as you delve into her technicolour world. This course is perfect for anyone who is ready to let your inner artist child take the reins and Get Messy.

The lessons in this course are not prescriptive but are open to interpretation. The purpose of these techniques is to inspire you to be more creative on your page with these simple products from your childhood and adding new go to skills to your art journal toolbox. You can use these new ideas to build wealth of background pages, simply play or to actively finish a page every time you learn a new technique. Don’t discount how simple you may think Pens & Inks are, because we promise, there are infinite possibilities for your pages inside this course if you are willing to dive in and Get Messy.

Lesson Plan

What’s Included


11 lessons full of new ideas and challenges to stretch your supplies and creativity


10 video tutorials showcasing 40 different techniques and ideas to create art journal pages


Expert tips on supplies, tools and everything else you need to get creating.


Action steps to help you begin practising what you are learning right away


A beautiful, printable workbook of the entire class


Access to the course teacher, community support and inspiration through the course hashtag #gmpenandinki

Student Art

Here’s just some of the wonderful art that students have produced in this class.

Julia Cusworth


Julia is a designer, avid art journaler, and colour lover from the north of England. Passionate about all things creative, travel, animals, and getting enough sleep. Forever in love with the fluidity of inky water on paper and old school colouring in.

Get Messy and Art Feeds

We believe art heals. With every purchase you make through Get Messy, we give 10% to Art Feeds. Art Feeds provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organisations. 


What format do I receive the class in?
Upon purchase, you will be redirected to create a login for the private site. You can choose your own username and password. If you already have a login for this site, please use that so all of your content is accessible to you under one username.

The class will be available through this private site, along with a workbook in PDF format for you to download and print.

Do I have to start on a specific date?
No, this is a self-paced class. You start when you are ready and work according to your own rhythm.
What do I need for this class?
A journal, your current preferred supplies and an open heart! A detailed list of supplies is shared inside the course, but you likely have what you need on hand and we never recommend spending a lot of money on supplies without knowing how and if you will use them.
Can I share my work and what I learn in the class?

Yes! Please share your work and your responses to the class on your social media sites of choice! We love instagram, so share your pages using the course hashtag #gmpenandink and you may see your work shared on the Get Messy account. However, please do not share text or photos directly from the course.

Class access does not expire and is not linked to your Get Messy membership.
Can I contact the teacher if I have questions?

We recommend tagging @juliacusworth on Instagram when you share your work from the class so she can see!

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of our content, we do not offer refunds.