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Messy Pets

Become the animal artist you desire to be


Sketching Faces

A guide to illustrating female faces



Junk journal pieces of your life in a meaningful way


Painting Galaxies

A guide to painting the cosmos



Create intricate art journal spreads using image transfers


Heart Journal

Infuse your art journal with emotion


Pen + Ink

Grown up art with your favorite childhood supplies


Basic Bookbinding

Stitch your own art journals


Messy Pages

A guide to mixed media art journaling



Find and integrate your personal symbols into your art journal


Scrap Collage

Turn everyday scraps into art journal mosaics


Stories from here

Tell the story of where you live


Loving Mama

An art journal love letter to your mama self


The Minimalist Art Journal

Express with Less


Travel Like an Artist

Turn inspiration from your world into art


Level Up

The creative’s guide for getting it done


Introduction to Art Journaling

free email course


Elevate your art journaling

free email course


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