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With immediate access to over 500 tutorials, inspiration posts, prompts, interviews, and live artist chats, your creativity will have more than enough inspiration for it to bloom and grow.
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Whether you are brand new to creating or a professional artist we have resources that will guide your creative journey to help you reach your goals.
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Members receive lifetime access to our Forums, Facebook group, and Google Hangouts to create their own tribe.


“Almost instantly after joining, I became more creative, more motivated to create and most importantly (for me) I met and connected with a group of the loveliest, truly like minded people for what felt like the first time ever.”


Are you tired of staring at the blank page?

When it comes to making art, most people feel that they are not good enough to call themselves an ‘artist’ because when they sit down to create they don’t know what to do.

When you approach the blank page bursting with ideas you are joyful, expressive and elated. Get Messy can help you find and maintain that feeling.

Get Messy started as two girls with a great variance in height, with no creative direction, but full of a desire to make things. We – Lauren and Caylee – found art journaling to be the perfect creative means for us to grow and learn as makers who eventually became full time artists.

Seeing the power that glueing paper to paper had and the evolution we went through as we pushed paint around our pages, we knew that art journaling was an essential tool in helping artists find their style, create consistently and express themselves. 

Today, over 1500 other artists have joined us and experienced the power and joy of art journaling. 

When you join Get Messy, you will learn how to start art journaling, how to create when you have zero ideas, how to use the numerous tools and art supplies in the craft aisle, how to develop your creative style and most importantly you will find your creative tribe.

We invite you to say yes to the artist inside of you today.



“Before I joined Get Messy I had been long out-of-touch with my inner artist. Since joining Get Messy I’ve created so much more, I’ve become more consistent in my creative practice each year since I’ve joined, and I’ve found amazing people to share life’s journey with.”


how to join get messy

All members enjoy a plethora of perks and benefits and you get to choose how you will commit to your creativity today and every day with our different payment options. Think about how often you would like to create? Do you enjoy accountability and consistency? Do you want a hassle free promise to make all year or do you prefer to make based on your current situation?

Whatever you choose, be sure to choose your creativity today.




one year of access from day of purchase, once off payment

All membership perks and immediate access to the archives

Bonus Perks:
Access to our courses Scrap Collage + Basic Bookbinding for FREE



monthly recurring membership charged on the same day each month automatically, cancel anytime

All membership perks and immediate access to the archives

Cancel at anytime to control when you learn and create

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This is the BEST option with the biggest discount and the most perks. For an annual fee of $195 you will become an member of Get Messy and have access to all the archives and our art journaling content for a whole year! Plus you will be on our special mailing list that gives you early access to our prompts and a weekly reminder to Get Messy! With a yearly membership, you have access to all of the Get Messy archives, current seasons, special member discount shop, our forums, Facebook group and community. With the year long membership there is a commitment to yourself to explore and develop your art for a full year! The yearly membership automatically renews, but at a lower rate of $150. You will be reminded and can cancel at anytime.
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The month to month option is perfect if you want to be able to come and go as you please, turning your membership off and on as you need. You have full control of this through your paypal account. You will be charged $20 every month for access to all of Get Messy’s goodness. The charge will automatically recur each month on the day you registered. So we suggest setting a reminder in your calendar to the day before the date you would like to cancel your membership. With a month to month membership, you have access to all of the Get Messy archives, current season, special member discount shop, our forums, Facebook group and community.

Get Messy and Art Feeds

We believe art heals. With every purchase you make through Get Messy, we give 10% to Art Feeds. Art Feeds provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organisations. 

Get Messy Member Perks



Every week we email prompts to kickstart your creative ideas and to help you find direction in your creating.

Members can share their response to the prompts and see how others have interpreted them through our members only link ups.


Live webinars with our guest artists, creative team and founders will boost your creativity + connection.

Use the weekly link ups to share your art and see how others interpret the prompts and tutorials.


Each season we share at least 16 tutorials from our creative team and guest artists.

Our tutorials vary in skill level, time needed to complete, materials used and techniques.


Get Messians receive 30% all our classes and membership renewals.


Curious about what supplies others use? How they approach the prompts? Why they create the way they do? Our interview series pulls back the curtain and lets you into other artists studios and their creative processes.

Learn from the experts

Ask questions and interact with your favorite art journal superstars through live webinars, tutorials, our Forums and private Facebook group.

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