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Ever wonder where your money goes when you pay for a membership to Get Messy? Most of it goes to maintaining our site and paying our amazing teachers, but! 10% of ALL money spent at Get Messy goes to support Art Feeds. Art Feeds provides art supplies and therapies to kids all over the world because we as makers know that art is a great healer and Get Messy is committed to sharing the gift of art all over the world.

Learn more about our partnership below and how YOU have impacted girls around the world by participating in Get Messy

A Thank You Note From Art Feeds

Art Feeds believes all children are artists.

We partner with schools and children’s organizations to provide free and mobile therapeutic art and creative education programs.

We provide art packs to students that they use all year round in Art Feeds classrooms to ensure that our programs aren’t a drain on school resources, then they can take them home at the end of the year to continue practicing creativity with their families. Each art pack has all the tools children need to be artists: sketchbook, markers, crayons, pens, pencils, erasers and watercolors.

This spring we partnered with Touch a Life and Rapha House to provide art packs and Art Feeds curriculum to 100 girls in Cambodia who have been rescued from exploitative situations. With our Touch a Life collaboration, the girls now have beautiful art centers to use to facilitate consistent expression.

These Art Feeds art packs are their palettes to draw from as they explore their creativity individually and as groups. We couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness of Get Messy and their users for providing sponsorship for these supplies! 

XOXO Art Feeds

A Thank You Note from Lauren and Caylee

At Get Messy we are not only committed to helping women learn and grow through art journaling but we are committed to impacting the world through the healing power of art. 

We will continue to give 10% of every dollar that comes in through the doors of Get Messy to support art making an impact on children all over the world. 

So thank YOU for your continued support and participation in Get Messy that makes this giving possible. We could not do any of this without each and every one of you and we appreciate your support, encouragement and your fantastic ideas and skills so much. Thank you for choosing to be a member of Get Messy and for entrusting us with your time, money and art. We love you!

XOXO Lauren and Caylee