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elevate your art journaling

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Feeling stuck? Pages blah? Have great ideas but they just aren’t coming out right on your page?

We’ve been there. So have 1000’s of other artists.

We’ve taken our years of our experience working with art journalers who are feeling like their work is terrible and they just can’t push past this slump they are in and created this course just for you to help get you and your art right side up again.

In Elevate Your Art Journaling we will share with you practical, simple and quick techniques and challenges you can implement right away to take your pages from needing all the black paint to an outpouring of creativity you are proud of.

Join us as we work through ugly pages, boring pages, empty creative buckets and lifeless pages. The course is 100% free and is ready for you to get started today. When you sign up you will receive lesson one right away and everyday for the next week you will receive a new lesson that will have you spreading paint, ripping up collages and making like the artist inside you wishes they could do.

Elevate your art

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Get to the next level in your art journal