the Get Messy Team

Your Fairy Art Mothers

Caylee Grey

Founder, CTO, Designer

Lauren Hooper

Founder, CFO, Writer

Misty Granade

Community Director

Essie Ruth

Communications Director


Customer Service

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Caylee Grey
Creative Director • Tech Guru • Glitter Thrower

Artist. 29. South African in Germany.

Fairy Godmother, Jedi Master, Art Minimalist, Overenthusiastic, Forest Wanderer, Coding Wizard, Habit Keeper, Chairman of the Pants by Choice Club, Colour Muter.


“It was ordinary and it was beautiful”

Danny Gregory

Lauren Hooper
Creative Director • Word Wizard • Paint Smearer
Artist. 29. American in the Emirates.

Art Maker, Grace Giver, Photographer of Life, Laugh Enthusiast, Creativity Chaser, Believer in People, Adventure Seeker, Inspiration Aficionado, Street Food Lover, and DIY Fanatic.


“A soul that is free and alive – is a soul that creates”

Erwin McManus

Misty Granade
Community Cheerleader • CT Co-ordinator • Paper Peacock
Artist. 45. American Southerner.

Art Maximalist, Paper Hoarder, Connection Maker, Rat Wrangler, Yarn Enthusiast, Thai Curry and Okonomiyaki Advocate, Exclamation Point Abuser, Color Devotee, Friend to Pangolins, and Regularly Amazed at the Beauty of People.


“More is more and less is a bore!”

Iris Apfel

Essie Ruth Smith
Text Maker • Sequin Scatterer • Paper Fancier
Language Lover. Stitch Maker. Paper Layerer. Coffee Scoffer. Social Justice Warrior. Gaming Nerd. Tattoo Collector. Book Devourer.


“Build us a bridge to where you are.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Email answerer. Problem solver. Happiness bringer.
Paw artist. 4 / 32. Russian in Germany.

Family security. Face licker. Knee cuddler. Home welcomer. Murderer fighter.  Excitement bringer. Party animal.


“Dogs are great and deserve sausage”

– someone cool