Community Guidelines

The Get Messy community includes people from many cultures with a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and mindsets. These guidelines can help you and the rest of the GM community have an enjoyable experience on here.

How to embody the spirit of Get Messy:

  • Be a good human. You have the opportunity to be part of creating a positive community. Contribute positive content and report unkind content if you see it.
  • Be courteous and kind. We’re a creative community made up of many types of people. Each of us has the right to feel comfortable, so be respectful in your interactions with other members.
  • Participate. Interacting and connecting with others helps foster strong communities. Chances are, someone could benefit from your knowledge, opinions, or personal experiences. Give of yourself, be a cheerleader, and artsy karma will make sure you get some back.
  • Moderate your content. Take responsibility for ensuring that what you post or upload is appropriate for the discussion area where you’re participating.

Grounds for member suspension:

  • Don’t use hate speech. Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation/gender identity. Sexually explicit and vulgar language and images are not welcome on the site. Also not welcome are belligerence, insults, slurs and generally objectionable speech.
  • Do not be a bully or abuser. Get Messy is not a place to harass, bully, abuse, or intimidate others. Being a valued member of our community includes being considerate and respectful of others.
  • Don’t violate the law. Members of the Get Messy community are not above the law. Don’t try to trick people into sharing their personal information, steal anything (like copyright or trademark material), or break into places you shouldn’t be.
  • Don’t behave maliciously. Don’t post links to sites that contain viruses or malicious programs or that interfere with the operation of Get Messy.
  • Don’t steal. Directly stealing artwork, taking credit for others artwork, or using data, such as emails, for your personal gain is not permitted.

Your activity on Get Messy is subject to these Community Guidelines. If you don’t follow these rules, your account may be deactivated and your membership suspended without refund.