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Georgia O’Keefe once said
“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for”

About Get Messy


About You!

About Get Messy

what it is & how it started
Get Messy is an art journaling community here to inspire you, teach you new art techniques and help you build community around this art form. The membership site shares prompts, tutorials and inspiration each week. We use different platforms, such as link ups, collaborative projects, spotlights and more to help push our members to consistently create and to showcase their amazing work.

We believe in creating, learning, and community.

The Get Messy Origins

Why Get Messy started
One day, two ordinary girls who loved paper, scissors and pretty pictures decided to not be ordinary girls anymore. Each girl hoarded paper, stickers and ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. Big ones, small ones, scary ones, silly ones, fantastic ones. One girl was blonde, African by birth and German by heart. One girl was a brunette, American by birth and explorer by heart. They were both a little impulsive and jumped from one shiny new project to the next seductive new class on a whim.

On that fateful day, being frustrated at work with no creative direction, the brunette said, “lets commit”. The blonde was always up for fun and a challenge. They made a pact by bathing in glue and showering in glitter (that’s the secret to making it stick). After purchasing a lovely and inspirational art journaling class from ABM, both girls decided it was time to hunker down in the crafty trenches. They began making. And making. And making. Through their pact they created 2 art journal pages a week and shared them on Thursdays. Then another sparkly, gluestick wielding girl caught the fever. Then another and another. The 2 girls looked up and they were no longer alone in their desire to create and learn and hone and focus and grow, now they were in a circle of 7 talented friends who wanted in on the pact….

Months later there were almost 100 artists, creators and friends, spanning the globe and sharing art journal pages under the hashtag #getmessyartjournal every Thursday. The world wanted in on creating consistently.

Now Get Messy has 1500 community members and over 30 000 pieces of art made and tagged on the hashtag. (yay!)

You can also hear us chat more about Get Messy’s origins in the first Messy Conversation.


the team, the creative team, and the messians
Get Messy started as Caylee and Lauren making art journal pages together each week because we knew that accountability and community are the ways we succeed at things in life. Then we grew and expanded to 1000’s of makers from around the world who were all connected through the internet. The Get Messy community is truly one of the kindest, most helpful and welcoming communities on the planet. We hang out and chat everyday in our private member Forums + Facebook group but also on instagram, blogs and anywhere else you might share your art online. Get Messians (what we call our members) show up for another is so many amazing ways like: helping answer creative questions, understanding your obsession for paper bits, being supportive and encouraging friends online, in real life, in art and in life.
We meet up digitally every day, (thanks Facebook!), but sometimes we meet up in real life! Messians live and travel all over the world and will arrange art hang outs and fun outings together all the time. Because thats what friends do, they show up, they hang out, they laugh and they make art.
Dear friend, We totally have room for you in our online + real life community of crafty friends.  There is always room for you here.
Meet more Get Messians on our testimonials page.
The Get Messy Team
The People Behind the Mess

Lauren and Caylee are the Get Messy founders and love this program fiercly. They hold eachother up and are the perfect partners in every way. Caylee is the tech queen and Lauren is the word guru. Together they have built this beautiful site and community and would love for you to grow as an artist through it.

Each year we have an amazing team of artists who lead the way to inspire, educate, and help you reach your creative dreams. We hardcore love them. Check out the 2018 team, as well as our 2017 and 2016 teams.

About you

what get messy can do for you & how you can join
Get Messy can help you if you want to commit to creating new things consistently. You want to learn new techniques. You want to experiment with different types of styles and ideas. You want to be involved in a creative community. You want to inspire others with your work. You want to be inspired by other’s work. You want to infuse your current work with new energy, ideas and techniques. You want to get your heart and all the amazing creative ideas you have onto paper. You need a boost in direction or inspiration. You are a generally awesome person.

Get Messy can help you become the artist you desire to be, nurture your creativity and find your creative community. 

Get Messy can not do the work of creating art for you. 



Get Messy is a community where we learn together. We are passionate about this way of expressing ourselves. Get Messy is an organised source of a curated collection of art journaling resources, inspiration, accountability, and community. This is a place to share your pages and discover new artists. It is a place to ask, to share, to grow, to support, and to be supported. If you will dip your toe into the proverbial pool of the Get Messy Art Journal community with us, this is what we can give to you.

Caylee & Lauren

Your membership gives art to kids.

About Art Feeds
Our goal at Get Messy Art Journal is to bring healing power to the world through art. We accomplish this by starting with you as you walk through your own art journaling journey, therefore enabling us to reach out our paintbrushes and impact the world for good through the healing power of creativity.

In 2015 Get Messy partnered with Justice & Mercy International to help build a school in the Amazon Basin.

Since 2016, Get Messy has partnered with Art Feeds who provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organizations in the USA.

10% of all Get Messy income before profit is donated directly to Art Feeds. 

Get Messy will be donating 10% of your registration fee to this program as we want to spread the gift of learning and community all over the world. If you would like to further support this phenomenal project you can do so by donating directly here.